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One Hundred Books For Summer Reading.

Three weeks from to-day (June 24) The New York Times Saturday Review will print a special number devoted to books for Summer Reading. One Hundred such books will be selected from the books of the past twelve months, and with each title will be printed a descriptive notice. The endeavor will be to restrict the selection to the best books for Summer reading that have been published during the period named.

So wide was the interest shown in the Summer Reading number issued last year and in 1897, that readers will be glad to know how confident the editor is that the number for this year will much excel in interest those published before. The paper will be enlarged for this occasion to double its usual size--that is, it will comprize 32 pages--and the variety of reading matter, aside from this special feature, will be large and striking.

And this paper, including the regular Saturday issue of The New York Times, will be sold for One Cent.

--Notice printed in The New York Times, June 3, 1899

...and if it doesn't sound like a challenge to you (and I don't mean finding a copy of the Times for a penny), you obviously don't think like I do...


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