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The Rough Riders will be wrapping up later today, but before I call it a night, here's a fabulous tiny-print ad I found in an 1898 edition of McClure's Magazine that included another account of the Cuban campaign.

And in case you can't (or won't) read the image, for whatever reason:
Study Law at Home: Instruction by mail adapted to every one. Methods approved by leading educators Experienced and competent instructors. Takes spare time only. Three courses, preparatory, business, college. An opportunity to better your condition and prospects. Students and graduates everywhere. Eight years of success. Full particulars free. Sprague Correspondence School of Law, 248 Tel. Bldg., Detroit, Mich.
Nice to know that you get your toes wet in the complex, high-stakes lawyerin' world in your down time in the world of 1899, and since they've been in business eight years, you know they're not going anywhere (until Mr. Sprague's checks stop clearing). But would you, the modern sophisticate of the 21st century, feel comfortable with a lawyer holding a mail-order degree? Yeah, I know that's how Orly Taitz did it, but I'm assuming you're looking for one who isn't hilarious.

Why the hell is a cherub holding the book? Are we studying Valentine Law today?


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