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Even a year after the launch of this project, the posts about Mór Jókai's A Hungarian Nabob are still very popular...or at least as popular as anything I've put on here since. In honor of the primacy of place he holds in the legend of The 1899 Project, I have T-shirts.

(Preview image in lower quality.)

That's right, it's a handsome photographic portrait of Jókai himself (Hungarian statesman, novelist, poet, painter, and sculptor) paired with one of my trademark atrocious puns. How can you possibly go wrong? Or rather, how can you possibly go wronger? It's definitely a conversation starter, especially if you don't hang out with world literature majors. Regardless, if this looks like something you'd like on your shirt, coffee mug, or mousepad, follow the link to my CafePress shop. Who knows? We might start a trend!

Oh, and before any natives ask, I used the Western name order because that's the only way my lame pun would work. Cheers!


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